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Simplify your software development through better DevOps performance. Eficode Root DevOps Platform provides automation, efficiency and faster time to market.

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The 2018 State of DevOps Report is here!

The 2018 State of DevOps Report is here!

The 2018 State of DevOps Report is here and Eficode is excited to be a sponsor. Download the report – and also remember to sign up for the biggest DevOps event in Scandinavia – DEVOPS 2018.

Eficode Root DevOps Platform

Selecting the right platform is the key to leading the change within your organisation. Eficode Root DevOps Platform service provides you an end-to-end software production line with industry-standard tools. It enables you to bring value to your customers faster – giving you a strong competitive advantage.

Monitor the development pipeline activities with intuitive dashboard views.


Built in, data driven tracking dashboards provide end-to-end visibility throughout all production phases.


Put your focus on value adding tasks, while automation handles the repetitive parts of the process.


Our platform works as a foundational component for your DevOps transformation and supports the shift towards continuous deployment and delivery.

Start with a pre-integrated reference architecture
or pick and mix the tools of your choice:

continuous integration & deployment
document management & team comms
requirements & project management

Eficode DevOps Professionals

DevOps is not just about tools and technologies, it is an evolution in culture. Our dedicated DevOps professionals will help you with your challenges – hands on.

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Development Efficiency

Numbers and benefits

Any success-oriented software organisation can benefit from Eficode Root in numerous ways.

Hit targets faster

Eficode Root DevOps Platform helps you with your digital transformation. It allows you to optimize and scale the software development environment and speed up the process of shipping new products – with better quality. With improvements in speed and quality, you can more reliably reach your delivery targets and create robust applications and services. Additionally, reducing unnecessary manual work will bring cost savings and better employee experience.

Measure everything

Our platform captures and presents analytics data about the development processes. This helps the entire organization to make better, data-driven decisions. Eficode Root DevOps Platform allows you to focus on your core business activities and gives tools for evaluating both internal and sub-contracted software delivery efficiency.

Manage your projects and make sure your key assets remain safe

Our platform allows you to replace your project specific software development processes with a unified software assembly line. All of your key assets, such as requirements, source code, libraries, and product deliverables will be safely stored and backed up. This increases system robustness and provides you with better control over quality and performance.

Focus on your strengths – and let us take care of the rest

Eficode Root shifts resources and focus from basic platform support and maintenance tasks to ensuring that your projects use the platform most efficiently. With Eficode Root you’ll get measurable results.

More automation and less manual work

Eficode Root DevOps Platform provides you with tools for faster and better software development from test automation to fully automated deployments. We always work towards making our platform processes more efficient and reliable.

It just works

Eficode Root allows you to shift resources and focus from basic platform support and maintenance tasks to more value adding and interesting development project work. As a developer you don’t have to spend your valuable time in tooling-related tasks – installing patches and updates, making sure the systems stay available – you just create.

How to get started?

Typically, everything starts with an assessment. Far too often companies make crucial decisions about the way forward by relying on inaccurate or insufficient information.

Our assessment clarifies where you are in your DevOps transformation journey. It provides a comprehensive view to the software development process maturity, and gives concrete ideas on how to transform your company culture to the right direction.

However, not every organization wants to start with a complete platform with a full range of tools. Some companies choose to start with a set of most essential tools and gradually expand the platform’s footprint over time.

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Tuomas Keränen

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Niko Herold

Sales & Marketing

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Kalle Sirkesalo


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Mika Aho

R & D

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Jukka Aaltonen


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