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Simplify your software development with better DevOps performance. Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform brings you automation, efficiency, and faster time to market.

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Managed tools for an end-to-end software production line

Better visibility of all operations

Built in, data-driven tracking dashboards provide end-to-end visibility of all production phases.

ROOT Insights

Speed up development with automation

Focus on value-adding tasks, while automation handles the repetitive parts of the process.

Managed Services

The foundation for DevOps transformation

ROOT is the first step for a full DevOps transformation, helping you achieve continuous deployment and delivery.

DevOps services

Eficode ROOT services

You can find the help you need for the whole life-cycle of an assembly line. From ramp-up and operation to systematic platform development.

Ramp Up

System Integration


Project onboarding


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Platform evolution


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Eficode ROOT reference architecture

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continuous integration & deployment
document management & team comms
requirements & project management

Benefits of Eficode ROOT

ROOT Icons_Hit shipping targets faster

Hit shipping targets faster

Optimize and scale the software development environment. Speed up the processes for shipping new products with better quality code.

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One place to manage all projects

Track any progress using tools for efficiently evaluating internal and sub-contracted software delivery. Build, measure, learn, improve.

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Measure everything

Our platform captures and presents analytics data about the development processes. This helps the entire organization make better, data-driven decisions.

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Focus on your strengths, we handle the rest

Track any progress using tools for evaluating internal and sub-contracted software delivery efficiently. Build, measure, learn, improve.

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One workflow for all projects

You can replace your project-specific software development processes with a unified software pipeline and workflows.

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Make sure key assets remain safe

All of your key assets, such as requirements, source code, libraries, and product deliverables will be safely stored and backed up.

Customisation Root icon

Tailored to your organisation

You can implement ROOT in one package or choose specific parts based on your needs. The architecture is completely customisable.

Build with industry standard tools_ROOT-Icons

Built with industry standard tools

ROOT offers support for all of the most popular industry-tested tools. Embrace all the benefits of cutting-edge software development

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More automation, less manual work

The platform provides you with many tools for faster and better software development from test automation to fully-automated deployments.

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It simply works

With ROOT, you don’t have to waste valuable time on tooling-related tasks, such as syncing tools, handling crashes, installing patches and updates, making sure systems stay up, etc.

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Improve your work with better data

Our platform captures and presents data analytics about the development processes. This helps your team make better, data-driven decisions.

ROOT Icons_Pipeline

One workflow and toolchain for all projects

Stop wasting time on setup when overhauling projects or beginning new ones. With ROOT, starting a new project with a fully automated pipeline is easy and painless.

Atlassian services from the best

As the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, our Atlassian services include everything you need for success.


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Getting started

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Start with a DevOps Maturity Assessment

We research and document your organization’s software development activities, identify opportunities for automation, and make an action plan.

Transformation Root icon

Customize ROOT Platform
for your needs

You can choose to implement Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform as a whole or cherry-pick specific parts that are needed for your business. Each installation of ROOT DevOps Platform is unique.

Support Root icon

Help for development,
operations & maintenance

DevOps is not just about tools and technologies; it is an evolution in culture. Our dedicated DevOps professionals will help you with your challenges – hands on.


Start your DevOps transformation

Adopting DevOps methodology and culture can be a huge challenge for organizations, especially those with a long history of outdated development practises. Our three-step development path has guided hundreds of companies through DevOps transformation.

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  • "We are very lucky to have ROOT as our partner!"

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company

  • "The Eficode ROOT Team has been very efficient and quick to resolve any problems that come up. All development has been handled professionally and we now have a very reliable product."

    — Christopher Scicluna, IT Project Manager, Valmet Automotive

  • "Centralized DevOps environment service brings us cost savings and VR doesn’t need to worry about the updates and maintenance of servers and softwares."

    — Markus Niskanen, System Architect, VR National Railways

  • "Our annual savings range from millions to tens of millions, when also accounting for the faster launching of products and the ability to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions."

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company