Atlassian Partner of the Year in DevOps - again!

As the Atlassian Partner of the Year in DevOps, we are ready to help you with our proven consulting, training, hosting, migration, maintenance, and support services. Our hands-on competences scale from single tool installations to complete, high availability Atlassian toolchains – and beyond!

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Our Services

We have a wide portfolio of Atlassian services provided by a team of certified Atlassian experts: tool setup and configuration, integrations, data migrations, training & onboarding, tool customisation, maintenance, support, hosting, and consulting.

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Development plan

Together with your team, the Eficode ROOT team will create a development plan for you. We do this by running a tool-specified, customized workshop and then delivering the technical implementation for you.

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Our certified experts will train your team on how to make the most out of the Atlassian stack. Our training sessions are organized in a hands-on manner to make sure you get the most out of them. We work through any problems together.

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Managed services

Our experts can take care of proactive maintenance and support for your tooling. This way your team can focus on other priorities. We can also build you an optimized, scalable environment and take care of its availability and responsiveness.

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Data migration

We'll migrate data from multiple Atlassian tool instances to a single, centralized system. Additionally, we are able to migrate data from other, non-Atlassian tools to an Atlassian-based system.

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Advanced configuration

We offer advanced configurations to help you get the most out of your Atlassian tools. Read more about our tool-specific services below.


Jira is a work management tool which helps companies to develop software more effectively in different ways: from requirements and test case management to agile software development. 


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Scaled Agile framework implementations

Our Eficode ROOT team is experienced in implementing different kinds of working methodologies, such as Scaled Agile framework (SAFe). We can help you to implement best practices which drive your development organization. You can trust our solutions to be highly scalable: our largest customers have over 10,000 users in Jira!

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Test management

We can configure Xray Test Management for Jira, or any other test management app for that matter, and help you define a process that works for you. We will support and train your team to take full advantage of the app’s features. If you already have test management in Jira, we’re happy to help you maintain and develop the solution, or migrate it to Xray.

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Time tracking and estimating work

We will help you set-up time tracking and a work estimation plugin in Jira, such as Tempo timesheets, and keep the implementation simple and easy to manage. Our team is experienced in configuring, migrating, and maintaining time tracking and capacity planning solutions in Jira.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is a ticketing system which helps in organizing and prioritizing the requests coming from a team’s customers and allows customers to view their previous requests using a helpdesk portal. It also keeps the team on track with goals/ service level agreements.

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Branded help desk portals

We can help you customize your Jira Service Desk with your company’s brand for a unified customer experience. Additionally, we can brand and help you set up extensive public documentation sites with versioning in Confluence.

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Combining your help desk and asset management

If you have a configuration and asset management system elsewhere, we can tie that to a CMDB solution within Jira. By doing this, we enable your customers to select their assets and the services their request is related to, and we help out your service desk agents by bringing all of the necessary documentation and information in one place.

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Escalation process definitions

We will help you define best practices for escalating work in Jira according to your needs. This includes, for example, defining automations and other requirements within Jira. In case you need to set up issue escalations from the service desk team to a completely separate Jira instance, we will assist you with that.


Confluence is a team collaboration tool which helps teams to collaborate and share knowledge easily within the tool. Confluence integrates with other Atlassian products to bring development data and documentation together.

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We take user experience seriously and our UX designers are dedicated to customizing Confluence to meet your needs. We use the best apps to create well-structured sites with the needed functionalities and company branding.

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Page templating

When you’re creating new pages in Confluence, you can use Confluence templates with predefined content or customized templates. This way, new pages can be added easily without starting from scratch.

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Content archiving

We’ll help you easily manage your content in Confluence. With the help of the Better Content Archiving plugin, your content stays clean and you’re able to track its usage and archive old pages when necessary.

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Diagramming tools

You’ll find all the documentation in one place, so there’s no need to jump between different systems. By using special plugins, we bring text documentation and architectural diagrams into one place. Our experts can help you choose the most suitable plugin for your needs.


Bitbucket is a Git code management system that gives teams one common place to plan, collaborate, test and deploy their code.

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Integration with CI tools

Bitbucket can be integrated into most CI pipeline tools, such as Jenkins. Our experts are happy to help you with the integrations.

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Jira integration

Bitbucket has a two-way integration with Jira and we can help you to make use of that. For example, when you create a branch in Bitbucket repository, it can be tracked in the Jira issue. You can also create smart commits in your Git commits, which will be displayed in the relevant Jira issues.

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Repository and project configurations

Bitbucket offers several features for configuring your Git repositories. With these, you can easily manage both actions and permissions.

Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian Cloud provides teams a cost-efficient, scalable and Atlassian-hosted system that consolidates multiple Atlassian products into one platform.

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Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk

When you are starting out with Atlassian Cloud, we will work together with you to configure Jira and Confluence to support your ways of working. After being established in the cloud, we’ll provide proactive maintenance and support for your instances. We can also migrate your existing Jira and Confluence data from a server to the cloud, as well as customized products such as Tempo timesheets.

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Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access enables medium and large organizations to manage their Atlassian cloud users. We will help you establish your Atlassian access in a controlled and non-intrusive way.

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Opsgenie and Statuspage

Opsgenie is the Atlassian solution for centralized monitoring alerts and notifications. It can also be used to set up on-call support and incoming call routing. Statuspage is Atlassian’s solution for system status reporting in a customer-facing way. Opsgenie integrates to Statuspage by updating system statuses based on alerts and their resolutions. We will assist you in setting up your monitoring solutions and integrating them with Opsgenie and Statuspage.

Jira Align

Jira Align (formerly known as Agilecraft) is Atlassian’s all-in-one solution for connecting a teams’ work with strategic goals and business strategies. It connects to most issue management systems and provides real-time visibility, allowing organizations to measure progress at scale. Jira Align works with all the agile methodology frameworks — be it SAFe, the Spotify model or a fully customized solution. Eficode is the first company to provide Jira Align consultancy and support in Europe.

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Connecting Jira Align to Jira

To successfully connect Jira with Jira Align, Jira needs to be configured correctly. This means every board should represent a team, stories should be linked to an epic and sprints must not be shared between multiple boards. We will work together with you to evaluate and configure your Jira according to best practices.

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SAFe Transformations

If your organization is still on the path towards an agile transformation, our experienced agile coaches and SAFe program consultants can help to develop your organization to a working agile culture. We have customized Atlassian tools to support multiple different models of agile working at scale and know the best practices and pitfalls that need to be avoided.

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Training courses and coaching

Jira Align is a tool intended to be used by everyone from scrum master and above — teams’ daily work remains in Jira. After Jira Align has been configured and connected to Jira, product owners, product managers, ART engineers, executives and other roles will need to be trained so they can easily navigate to views and reports that are essential to their day-to-day work. We will organize training courses tailored to your ways of working and the roles attending the training.

Why Eficode?

Our Atlassian services include everything you need for success: integrations, data migrations, training & onboarding, customization, maintenance, support, hosting, and consulting.

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Scalable services portfolio

Our services scale based on your evolving needs - from tool setup and training to maintenance, support, and development

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10 years of experience

Our long experience provides a strong background for choosing the best and most effective work methods

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Flexible environment support

We are experienced in running the tools on-prem, in a hosted private cloud, and in a public cloud service, such as AWS and Azure

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Extendable system expertise

We will help you to grow your Atlassian system from a single tool installation to a full scale, plugin-rich integrated Atlassian toolchain

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We offer Service Level Agreements that will meet your needs related to system and support service availability

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Your partner for maintenance and support

We'll take care of your tool maintenance and support, while your experts focus on the actual project, such as defining requirements and creating documentation

How can we help you?

We are happy to tell you more about our Atlassian services and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us!

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