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The 2018 State of DevOps Report is here and Eficode is excited to be a sponsor. Download the report – and also remember to sign up for the biggest DevOps event in Scandinavia – DEVOPS 2018.

Tuomas Keränen

Eficode is a proud sponsor of the 7th annual State of DevOps Report presented by Puppet and Splunk. One of the main goals of this year’s State of DevOps Report was to understand the DevOps journey and how organizations evolve their practices over time.

This year’s State of DevOps study received more than 3 000 responses from technical professionals around the world. While previous studies have focused on the impact of DevOps practices on IT and organizational performance, this year’s study concretely tells you how to get there.

Key findings:

  • Guidance to help you get to the next stage and continue on building momentum.
  • Executives have a rosier view of their DevOps progress than the teams they manage.
  • Start with the practices that are closest to production; then address processes that happen earlier in the software delivery cycle.
  • Cross-team sharing is the key to scaling DevOps success.
  • Automating security policy configurations is mission-critical to reaching the highest levels of DevOps evolution.

This year’s data has shown us that while there are many individual paths through a DevOps transformation, there are specific ways to achieve and scale success even faster. We also see that the organizations which have reached the most advanced levels of DevOps evolution didn’t get there by accident.

Read more about Eficode Root DevOps Platform to understand how modern DevOps can help your organization achieve even greater efficiency and new business capabilities.

Join us at DEVOPS 2018! We will be hosting a two-day event on 13.-14. of December 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. At the event you will hear more insights on the State of DevOps. We will have two full days of keynotes, workshops and networking. This year, the event aims to answer the question “How can we impact decision making with AI?”

Welcome! Book your tickets here: http://devops2018.com/


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