What you will learn on the first day of DEVOPS 2018

For the third time, Eficode is organizing the leading Devops event in Europe. With participants and speakers coming from all over the world, this year’s event will be bigger and more important than ever. This time, we are covering the first day of DEVOPS 2018.

Eficode and the DEVOPS 2018 partners are getting ready to welcome you to the leading DevOps event in Europe. Speeches and workshops are the key to a great conference experience, which is why we have developed a program mix with thought-provoking keynotes and deep-dive workshops. The first day highlights the business benefits of evolving DevOps. Have a look at the following:


Diego Lo Giudice, Chief Analyst at Forrester will share his thoughts on supercharging DevOps with AI. In the talk entitled “Augmenting, Automating and Amplifying DevOps with AI”, Diego demonstrates how testing and quality are the first areas of software delivery to leverage AI and machine learning. This talk is essential to understanding how to make a real impact with AI in software development and IT delivery.

That is just the beginning as Artificial Intelligence technologies will augment software development processes and tools more widely across pipelines. However, amplifying software development tools with machine learning is not without its challenges. Diego will also discuss the challenges of the coming transformation to smarter tools, such as where to get the necessary data and which parts of the software development pipeline can be improved with AI.


In his keynote speech, Dr Ben Goertzel of SingularityNET poses several questions about decentralized AI today and in the future. Ben, an Artificial General Intelligence scientist, is the inventor of the infamous Sophia humanoid robot, the first one ever to be granted a citizenship of a nation. He investigates the fundamental value of decentralized AI to users and developers, as well as the infrastructure and AI advances required. Ben’s exceptional talent and vision for AGI is bound to generate discussion that carries on right through to the evening party and most probably for years to come.

Three tracks of deep-dive workshops

Following the morning of keynotes, the deep-dive workshops have three tracks: Augmented DevOps, Transformation and Startups.

Mika Parikka from Aalto University will kick off the Augmented DevOps track. As an experienced software industry executive, he will share his thoughts on reaching the next level of software development productivity with AI.

Moriz Heiber from ThoughtWorks will take you on a journey to understand the DevOps transformation. Dispelling rumors and misconceptions, he will explain what DevOps is including making sure you know how to create more value for your customers.


On the Startups track, Josh Brewer, the CEO of Abstract will guide you through DesignOps. With higher investment in design and cross-functional teams, companies need to be able to operationalize and scale aspects of their design processes. This has given a birth to a new discipline: DesignOps. The key is to bring design and development practices closer together, so that companies can achieve greater clarity and efficiency, while building resiliency into their process.

More workshops and keynotes will be announced in the coming weeks, so make sure to be the first to find out about the program. A panel discussion between the experts will close the official part of the first day at DEVOPS 2018 followed by an evening party you do not want to miss.

Come and enjoy the inspiring keynotes and workshops by getting your ticket from www.devops2018.com

See you at DEVOPS 2018!

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