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September 24, 2018

Around a hundred Valmet Automotive staff members and subcontractors work in software development. As a result, because of the amount of time spent on the actual development tools, software development infrastructure incurs a considerable expenditure. The software developers themselves would also certainly prefer to focus on developing software; maintaining the development infrastructure just gets in the way of achieving results.

The cool tool combo

Valmet Automotive’s objective was to modernise its software development operations and free up time from maintaining environments to concentrate on core activities. This was achieved by clarifying requirements management, centralising up-to-date documentation and taking a smart version control system into use. After weighing up the options for the most effective tool combination, the decision was made: Atlassian JIRA for requirements management, Atlassian Confluence for wiki and Apache Subversion (SVN) for version control.

”Having our own JIRA and Confluence means that we do not have to rely on our service partner’s collaboration tool. In projects with more than one software developer, that means that we do not have to jump from one collaboration environment to another. Also, since our partners connect to our JIRA, they can communicate with each other, which helps resolve problems much faster. Finally, this project frees up financial resources, as we don’t have to rent accounts from our partner’s collaboration tools.”
– Christopher Scicluna, Project Manager, IT Applications & Infrastructure, Valmet Automotive

No more worrying about software development environments

The team at Eficode began modernising Valmet Automotive’s software development operations by charting their needs and installing the tools required for the environment. The developers were able to get straight to work using the environment and our close cooperation continues to this date.

The service we delivered operates on the Software as a Service model. This way Valmet Automotive do not have to worry about maintaining their software development environment. The Eficode team take care of the environment from start to finish – monitoring, updates and fixes. Maintenance of licences and servers is also taken care of.

Standby support offered during office hours ensures that problems that slow down work are quickly resolved. When the environment is in need of changes, for example support for a larger number of users, Eficode will be ready to spring into action.

”Eficode team has been very efficient and quick to resolve any problems that come up. All development has been handled professionally and we now have a very reliable product.”
– Christopher Scicluna, Project Manager, IT Applications & Infrastructure, Valmet Automotive

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— Markus Niskanen, System Architect, VR National Railways