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DevOps experts at your service

Our DevOps experts can guide you through any challenging DevOps transformation project. We have over 10 years of experience helping industry giants and rising stars embrace cutting edge software development methodologies. Read on for a full list of our services.

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DevOps Services

Our competencies

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Get visibility of your current state and gain a direction for the future. Our assessment gives you an accurate description of your current DevOps maturity, as well as an actionable roadmap for transforming the organization and its culture.



Based on the conclusions of our assessment, together we'll construct a development roadmap that is tailored to your specifications. We'll advise you on the right methods, technologies and tools to use.



Together we pick the best DevOps & Cloud professionals to guide the way. These professionals will support and boost the adoption of DevOps methodology inside your organization.

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Automate your software pipeline

How can automation help my business?

How can automation help my business?

Automation limits human error, speeds up development by reducing time-consuming manual tasks, and lets your developers focus on building new features instead of manual labor.

Faster pathway to production

Faster pathway to production

Production speed is the most crucial factor for businesses today. But with speed comes greater risk of errors and strain on developers. Automation brings you the best of both worlds.

Decide with confidence

Decide with confidence

Our experts have implemented and streamlined DevOps pipelines for many renowned companies. We can advise you throughout the process.

All things DevOps

Eficode prides itself in being the leading DevOps consultancy in the Nordics. Whether you need DevOps projects to reach the finish line, or are looking for hard-to-find technological skills – we are here to help you.

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Tailor-made DevOps services to meet your needs

Our customized services are combination of DevOps tooling, operating methods, technologies and training.

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Achieve efficiency and high quality

We will help your company to adopt efficient operating methods and high-quality continuous delivery.

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Support throughout DevOps transformation

We will support and train your company in DevOps practices throughout your transformation journey, from beginning to end.

Start your DevOps transformation

Adopting DevOps methodology and culture can be a huge challenge for organizations, especially those with a long history of outdated development practises. Our three-step development path have guided hundreds of companies through DevOps transformation.

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