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The DevOps transformation process is not just about tools and technologies, it is an evolution in your organization’s entire culture. Eficode DevOps Professionals are dedicated to supporting and guiding you at every stage.

Whether you are just starting to assess your DevOps needs, planning to automate large parts of your production process, or in need of leadership and training to drive holistic culture change within your organization – Eficode professionals will help you succeed.

Development planning

Adopting DevOps methodology and culture can be a challenge for organizations with a long history in applying more conventional development methods and processes. Our three-step development path guides the way through the DevOps transformation.


Our assessment process brings visibility to your current state and gives you a direction for the future. It provides you with an accurate description of your current DevOps maturity, as well as an actionable roadmap for transforming the organisation and it’s culture.


Based on the conclusions of our assessment, we together construct a development roadmap that is custom-tailored to your needs. We help you in choosing the right methods, technologies and tools.


Together we pick the best DevOps & Cloud professionals to guide the way. These professionals will support and boost the adoption of DevOps methodology inside your organization.

Pipeline Automation

Increased automation has become a pressing need for practically all forward-looking organizations. It is the only way to accelerate your business to achieve ever-greater requirements of speed and output quality. Automation makes work easier, limits human errors and reduces time-consuming manual tasks.

Our DevOps experts aim at achieving greater efficiency and operational independence by eliminating unnecessary manual steps.

Properly implemented automation processes provide:

Reduction or elimination of time-consuming manual tasks


Better quality with less work


Stronger traceability and better transparency


Faster pathway to production

DevOps Lead Services

Even companies that have made the initial leap into the DevOps way of working must embrace a strategy and culture of continuous improvement. Our DevOps professionals are experts in supporting and training your staff at every stage of your software development process. We also coach your people to become true digital product builders in ways designed to shift your culture toward constant learning and improving.

Flexibility is the key. We continuously assess the changing requirements and emerging needs. Should you need additional DevOps experts or hard-to-find technology skills – we are there to help you.

DevOps Lead Services include:

  • Culture change
  • Methodology adaptation: DevOps, Scrum, Agile, SAFe
  • Management practises
  • Tool choices
  • Way of working
  • DevOps center of excellence

Key Contacts

Eficode has 240+ dedicated experts ready to support 
and guide you at every stage of your DevOps transformation.

Tuomas Keränen

Tuomas Keränen

Product Management

Niko Herold

Niko Herold

Sales & Marketing

Kalle Sirkesalo

Kalle Sirkesalo


Mika Aho

Mika Aho

R & D

Jukka Aaltonen

Jukka Aaltonen


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