CoDe-Conf 2019 in Copenhagen


Eficode ROOT
October 28, 2019

Eficode ROOT team will be attending CoDe-Conf in October 28, in Copenhagen. It's the largest Continuous Delivery and DevOps conference!

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are about culture, tools, and change, so this year’s CoDe-Conf will feature three tracks.

  1. Culture and management
  2. Tech and tools
  3. Business challenges for executives.

We hope to see you there!

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  • "We are very lucky to have ROOT as our partner!"

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company

  • "The Eficode ROOT Team has been very efficient and quick to resolve any problems that come up. All development has been handled professionally and we now have a very reliable product."

    — Christopher Scicluna, IT Project Manager, Valmet Automotive

  • "Centralized DevOps environment service brings us cost savings and VR doesn’t need to worry about the updates and maintenance of servers and softwares."

    — Markus Niskanen, System Architect, VR National Railways

  • "Our annual savings range from millions to tens of millions, when also accounting for the faster launching of products and the ability to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions."

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company