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Eficode ROOT
September 26, 2018

Eficode’s new office was opened in Amsterdam on the 26th of September.

Eficode is your trusted advisor in digital transformation. We help organizations perform on ever more greater levels while providing the capabilities to build the best digital products.

Our Amsterdam office was opened by one of the greatest Ajax players ever, Finnish football star Jari Litmanen. Eficode was proud to have leading goal scorer Litmanen in the house for the opening of our new office, in the hometown of his old team, Ajax.

“Building software is a team sport just like football is. Everyone has their own role to play, but victories are always achieved as a team.” – Jari Litmanen

Whether it’s football or software development, it is always about finding the best people to team up with. In the Nordics our company has already established a strong track record of helping customers succeed across a diverse range of industries: Telecom, Finance, Automotive, Retail, High-Tech and many others. We are extremely excited to deepen our presence in the Benelux region.

With Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform our customers have achieved measurable – and often remarkable – savings of up to 30 000 euros per hour, simply by accelerating their time-to-market.

With Eficode you’ll have the partner to stay on the winning edge of key emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud. Our expertise is directed at making it easy for you to continuously benefit from the adaptation of best-known practices.

When we play together, we teach each other – so let’s team up and build the future as one.

Opening Program:

  • Opening remarks by one of the greatest Ajax players ever, Jari Litmanen. His extensive international career spanned 21 years, from the late 80’s until 2010, and he played with Ajax from 1992-1999 and also from 2002-2004. Coming from a small country, what was his strategy for success? Litmanen will tell us his story along with examples of success and failure along the road to building a team and winning together.
  • A welcome to the Netherlands by the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Amsterdam.
  • History of Linux: Linux Guru Ari Lemmke will share his story behind the Linux development plus insights on current and emerging IT trends.
  • Introduction to Eficode & the impact on industries’ digital evolution, by Eficode Executives.
  • Forrester Analyst – DevOps Trends & Automation developments.
  • Eficode Value Proposition Presentation.
  • Valued Partners: AWS, HPE/Vertica, Atlassian & Puppet.

About Eficode

Eficode is building the future of software development. Through our DevOps platform and consultancy services, we help companies become successful high-performance software organizations.Our Eficode Root DevOps platform is a complete, state-of-the-art software production line, tailored to perfectly fit our clients’ needs. It comes as a turn-key solution with flexible options for support, maintenance, and hosting.Eficode is a privately held, rapidly growing international company with more than 240 employees. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, with offices throughout Europe.More info at: www.eficode.com

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  • "We are very lucky to have ROOT as our partner!"

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company

  • "The Eficode ROOT Team has been very efficient and quick to resolve any problems that come up. All development has been handled professionally and we now have a very reliable product."

    — Christopher Scicluna, IT Project Manager, Valmet Automotive

  • "Centralized DevOps environment service brings us cost savings and VR doesn’t need to worry about the updates and maintenance of servers and softwares."

    — Markus Niskanen, System Architect, VR National Railways

  • "Our annual savings range from millions to tens of millions, when also accounting for the faster launching of products and the ability to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions."

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company