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For companies who don’t yet have a software production line (new platform design)

Typically the process begins with a short evaluation. Eficode experts study the current state of your software development pipeline and provide an actionable roadmap for further development.

Each Eficode ROOT Platform instance is individually designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements and criteria. Variations include:

  1. Functional composition. Which functionalities are chosen to be part of the managed service
  2. Tool selection. The reference architecture tool are recommended but not mandatory
  3. Environment selection
  • Private cloud
  • On-premise
  • Public cloud
  1. Integrations to existing systems
  • User management
  • Secure connectivity
  • Integrations to tools outside the managed service scope (e.g. cloud-based tools such as Slack)

Transferring from an existing platform

Eficode is also able to take over an existing tool chain. During the transition process, Eficode will bring the system to the same level with a clean installation in terms of functionality and system robustness.

Start your DevOps transformation

Adopting DevOps methodology and culture can be a huge challenge for organizations, especially those with a long history of outdated development practises. Our three-step development path have guided hundreds of companies through DevOps transformation.

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"We are very lucky to have ROOT as our partner! "

— Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company

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