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System Integration, Training, Project Onboarding and Customization


Right from the start we will ensure that your platform is built on a solid foundation. Through comprehensive system integrations and training, we together make sure that your processes and organization meet the standards required when delivering software with a modern, up-to-date toolchain.

As importantly, we will make sure that the platform is tailored to meet your specific needs. We first listen and plan ahead – then implement. As every challenge has its own solution, the ability to customize is key.

System Specification

Tool setup on the chosen environment

Network integrations

Integration to existing tools and supporting systems

Monitoring System Checkup

Support Ticketing System Checkup


Proactive service – Support, Maintenance and Hosting


Everything has to run smoothly, and it is our job to ensure this. Quality and trust are a direct result of a carefully planned server infrastructure and well-automated proactive platform maintenance. Depending on your preference, we offer hosting services with fixed pricing, build the platform on-premise, or run it on a public cloud service.

Monitoring and data backups ensure that you are able to focus on your business without worries. Should you need any assistance, our on-demand support helps you at every step of the process. For us, support is not limited to setting up new users and projects; we are skilled at giving assistance related to the most advanced tool configurations, integrations, and development needs.

Tool Maintenance



Upgrades and Fixes

Proactive and reactive performance analysis

Performance Tuning


Configuration Maintenance

Problem Prevention

Disaster Recovery Planning and Test Runs


24/7 tool availability and incident management



Tool SW Licence Management


Support Service

Helpdesk Services

Tool Configuration

Plugin Installation

Tool Usage Support


New Integrations


Proactive service – Support, Maintenance and Hosting


With Root, it is possible for the whole organization to become truly DevOps oriented. Root continuously delivers new services and integrations that help you to stay on the cutting edge of the emerging DevOps methodology.

We make it easy for our customers to include new functionalities and tools to their platform instance – for example further automation and data analytics. We keep adding new tools to the selection on a regular basis. One DevOps platform solution – Eficode Root – does it all, now and in the future.


Platform Evolution


Key Contacts

Eficode has 240+ dedicated experts ready to support 
and guide you at every stage of your DevOps transformation.

Tuomas Keränen

Tuomas Keränen

Product Management

Niko Herold

Niko Herold

Sales & Marketing

Kalle Sirkesalo

Kalle Sirkesalo


Mika Aho

Mika Aho

R & D

Jukka Aaltonen

Jukka Aaltonen


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