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ROOT v2019.2

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Efimo Release Notes

Over the past months, we’ve taken our ROOT Portal to the next level and replaced it with a brand new ROOT Hub. In addition, a new version 1.2 of RTM has been released. With an eye on autumn, we’re gearing up for the 2019.3 major release, which will have updates for Bitbucket, Jira and SonarQube LTS.


Major changes

  • ROOT Hub has been released, you can read more about it here >
  • RTM v1.2 has been released. This means:
    • Support for a large amount of users
      • Fixed: Sync from RTM LDAP to external tools takes a longer time than it should
      • Added pagination for users, groups, bots and memberships
      • Improved database performance
    • Improvements to adding users to group via UI
      • Added scrolling list of users when adding users to group
    • Improvements to password reset functionality
    • User and group search improved
    • Registration token expiration improvements
    • Bugfixes
      • Adding a bot as admin to a group no longer gives http 500 error
      • Space character now works properly in user search box
      • Group admins are now always able to remove non-admin group members
      • Searching by first name last name when adding users to group now works properly
      • Private group members are now visible to other members of the group
      • When editing a group to be private it now correctly shows  up in private filter
      • Unlock buttons are now not displayed to normal users (related to bruteforce prevention)
      • Private icon is now showing up properly in group/bot creation


    • Improved successful password reset redirect to login page, it also now displays the success message correctly
    • Close button added for users, groups, and bots creation popup
    • Improved UI of users, groups, and bots creation
    • Added several API endpoints for users / groups
      • User by name
      • Group by name
      • Get all users groups by username
      • Get all users groups by user uuid
      • Get all users groups for the authenticated user


    • Reduced the amount of queries needed for verifying policy rules, this decreases log pollution and increases performance
    • Logout dropdown had greyed out text which was changed to a darker color (black) to avoid confusion
    • Private icon place changed
    • SAML-auth component improved in multiple ways
    • Refactored group membership evaluations in the backend, this increases RTM performance
    • Added an endpoint for checking validity of password reset token, this prevents confusion when trying to reset password with expired token

Minor changes

  • Artifactory has been updated from the 6.8.6 to the version 6.9.2
  • JFrog Xray 2.8.0 implements support for additional server side security hardening along with fixes to bugs and issues discovered in the earlier releases
  • Jenkins LTS minor update to 2.164.3 LTS
  • Helix TeamHub has been updated to 2019.1.1
    • Performance of Helix TeamHub LDAP server has been massively improved, and it can now support even larger deployments than before. Helix TeamHub can be used as a centralized user and group management tool for any application that supports standard LDAP set up.

– Jira addon updates:

SonarQube has been updated to 6.7.7 LTS


For Eficode ROOT’s previous release notes, see here >

Upcoming features


Enhanced SSO support


Jira 8 rollout

Bitbucket 6 rollout

TnD 1.1: Additional and enhanced dashboards, new data connectors


Improved ROOT Portal (Hub)


Compliance related enhancements

Enhanced project setup logic

TnD 1.2: Additional and enhanced dashboards, new data connectors

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  • "We are very lucky to have ROOT as our partner!"

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company

  • "The Eficode ROOT Team has been very efficient and quick to resolve any problems that come up. All development has been handled professionally and we now have a very reliable product."

    — Christopher Scicluna, IT Project Manager, Valmet Automotive

  • "Centralized DevOps environment service brings us cost savings and VR doesn’t need to worry about the updates and maintenance of servers and softwares."

    — Markus Niskanen, System Architect, VR National Railways

  • "Our annual savings range from millions to tens of millions, when also accounting for the faster launching of products and the ability to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions."

    — Mikael Kuisma, Change and Release Manager, DNA telecom company