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ROOT v2019.1

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Changes to ROOT


Known issues

Major changes

Minor changes

  • Helix TeamHub
    • Updated from 2018.2 release to the brand new 2019.1
    • The new release brings various usability improvements as well as enhancements and fixes under-the-hood.
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  • Jira
    • Updated from 7.12 to the latest stable version in the Jira 7 product line — 7.13.
    • This version improves the system stability and user experience through all the updates made under the hood.
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  • JFrog Artifactory
    • Updated from 6.5 to 6.8.
    • Many aspects of Build Information implementation were updated, including new permissions management scheme and notable improvements for the performance of the Builds module.
    • Debian APT repositories also gained virtual repository support, which allows aggregation of multiple local or remove Debian repositories into a single access point.
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  • JFrog Xray
    • JFrog Xray becomes a readily available additional module for your ROOT platform!
    • It can provide vulnerability, license compliance and quality assurance analysis for your container and software artifacts.
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  • Jenkins
    • Updated from 2.138 LTS to 2.164 LTS
    • Comes with a huge number of plugin updates, including new functionality, enhancements, performance improvements and fixes to bugs and other issues.
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  • Rancher 
    • Minor bugfix updates – Rancher-1.6 deployments are updated to version 1.6.25, Rancher-2.1 deployments to version 2.1.5.
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Upcoming features


TnD 1.1: Additional and enhanced dashboards, new data connectors

Enhanced SSO support

Improved ROOT Portal (Hub)


Jira 8 rollout

Enhanced project setup logic

Compliance related enhancements

Bitbucket 6 rollout


TnD 1.2: Additional and enhanced dashboards, new data connectors


To be announced

Known issues

Known issues in Eficode ROOT.

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