ROOT Insights

Eficode ROOT Insights dashboards provide end-to-end visibility of the software development production line. Transparency throughout the relevant production phases from requirement management to development, testing, and operations creates a foundation for making educated improvement decisions. It is a key enabler for continuous improvement.

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Key Benefits

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Centralised project status views

Centralized dashboards for project-level production line data. No need to jump between tools to get an overview of the project status.

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Built-in metrics dashboards

Built-in dashboards for key management, quality, development, and operations metrics.

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Recognize success

First-hand evidence of project performance over time. Identify outperforming projects to be used as internal benchmarks.

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Identify gaps in efficient tool usage

Make sure the teams are using the tools as they should.

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Track DevOps transformation

Real-time project level DevOps transformation and DevOps tool usage tracking. Version control, CI automation, testing, etc.

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Extendable framework

Extendable framework for capturing custom KPI metrics.

Visibility throughout the tool chain

ROOT Insights has several built-in dashboards for key management, quality, development, and operations metrics. It integrates with industry-standard tooling, such as Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Bitbucket, Jenkins, SonarQube, and so forth.



Example view for Management

ROOT Insights-01Management dashboard provides end-to-end visibility to project status information.




Example view for Developers

ROOT Insights-02Development dashboard presents project specific development information.



Example view for QualityROOT Insights-03

Quality dashboard presents project specific quality information.


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