ROOT Team Management

Save time and increase project efficiency by giving project personnel control access to relevant project assets directly via ROOT Team Management. With a centralized self service access management system, you won’t have to manage the access rights tool-by-tool or request permissions from your company IT administrators.

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Key benefits

Centralised access control for a wide selection of DevOps tools

RTM integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Eficode ROOT DevOps platform tooling. It provides a single, intuitive user interface for access management throughout the system - there’s no need to access the individual, tool specific access management UIs.

Seamless integration with the existing access management systems

RTM integrates with the existing customer access control infrastructure (Active Directory, Azure AD, LDAP).

Easy, project-level permission management

RTM saves time by enabling project level permission management by project personnel. As a project manager, you are able to add users to your project without contacting the company IT administrators.

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Team management features

Eficode ROOT Team Management provides a wide range of features for efficient, self service access management. Learn more on our blogpost >

User management

Synchronize users from company’s active directory or add them directly in the local LDAP directory.

Group management

Manage project groups by creating private and public groups and allocating users to the project groups.

Bot management

Manage bot users - i.e. permissions for tools, processes or jobs accessing other platform tools.

Team management made easy

Adding a new project member takes only a couple of minutes

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Do you want a more in-depth look at the benefits and features of RTM? We’ve just released a blog about this.


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